Friday, January 19, 2007

My apartment

I have just found out that I will not be able to stay in my lovely apartment. It's a long story why I can't, but basically it's that the legal rent for my apartment is almost $300 more than I've been paying for it, and the landlord is sick of giving me (a good, honest tenant!) a discount.

I am sad because I will probably have to move out of the neighborhood where all of my friends are. I will likely not even be able to stay in Manhattan. Not that that is the end of the world, except that THIS IS WHERE ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE! This is a lonely, lonely city! I've lived in this same basic area for over 5 years. That's more time than anywhere I've lived except Salt Lake.

I am very mad because my current apartment has a wonderful tree right outside the window that provides lots of squirrel and bird entertainment for my poor apartment-bound cats.

I am mad because I just started a Netflix-sharing group among my neighborhood friends, and now I'll have to disband it.

I am mad because I wanted to get to be friends with the opera singer woman across the hall from me who has lived in the building for 19 years.

I'm mad because I actually have sort of DECORATED this apartment. And it is such a cute apartment with a quaint built-in shelf and charming tiles in the kitchen. It's so sunny and spacious.

Maybe I'll be able to find a cheap apartment in my neighborhood. I'll have to live on a noisy street east of Broadway. Or I'll have to move to Marble Hill (just over the river in the Bronx).

Or maybe this will be good for me. Maybe I can move close to my dear cousin in Brooklyn. Maybe I can find a month-to-month so I don't have to break my lease if I find a job outside of the city. Maybe I'll be forced to get rid of some of my books. Maybe I'll break down and get a roommate and see if I'm now fit for frequent, proximate human interaction.

This is an official rant, and I apologize. But my friend C had to get on the subway, my sister C didn't answer her phone, and my new beau is having his D&D night. (Yes, I am dating a boy who plays D&D...what of it? I think it's pretty clear that I am quite a nerd myself. And pretty much everything else about him is grand.) There was no one to talk to about my apartment woes! And plus it's been too long since I wrote here. I have been bad. Mostly I've been talking on the phone to the aforementioned New Beau but have been hesitant to write about it because he does not, I think, approve of such divulgence in a possibly public forum. (Am I right, sir?)

I shall try to be better.